Monday, September 26, 2011

Made Monday

And when I say Made Monday I mean I actually made all 5 of these today, on Monday!  

Shocking, I know.  Well, for me it is.  
My usual time frame is more like 4 days or a week, but Eli has been napping longer than an hour lately so I'm taking full advantage of it.  For sure.

5 little lanyards
Pieced with all my favorite oranges, blues, and greys.

Awesome tutorial here.  And its simple to boot!
Possibly the perfect Christmas Gift... and you could attached a gift card to the hook!

Sweet lobster-claw hooks with gunmetal finish - scored on Etsy, where else.
And don't you worry, I kept one for myself too - since my car likes to automatically re-lock the doors 30 seconds after I hit UNlock.  My keys have a new home, and it stays around my neck until Eli is securely strapped in and I'm in the drivers seat ready to peel out.  
Plus its dang cute, and I love it!


Lisa said...

Are you selling these in your Esty shop?????

...julia... said...

I was working on those this weekend! And a sewn name tag for me to attach to it :) its a fun little project! Yours turned out great!

( BTW little Owen came today! So he will be getting to use the stroller blanket :) )

amandajean said...

These are CUTE! I have had lanyards on the brain lately, too. Patchworked, of course!