Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean + Fuschia

To all my wonderful readers:
THANK YOU for such great suggestions on my fabric washing problem!
As you can see, I decided to go with the hand-wash in sink suggestion and it came out totally sans-tangles! I did a quick squooshing of water out in a towel and tossed them in the dryer.. and no knots or loss of yardage! Fabulous!

I still may try a few other options such as tossing in a few yards with a load of clothing (really? fascinating!) or pinking the cut ends. I just bought a pinking blade for my Olfa Rotary Cutter and I'm kinda pumped to give it a whirl...

And - good news! We potentially have found a house to call our own... but its a Short Sale so we're now waiting for the sellers bank to approve our offer BUT I've already begun brain storming decorating the inside. Uh, Pinterest to the rescue! I'm addicted to pinning Home Decorating ideas... although everyone seems to use a white (or off white) couch in their livingroom... which is SOOOO not going to happen in my world.

Toddlers + light colored anything = disaster

Anyhow... back to my original thoughts...
I've decided to paint my sewing table Fuchsia. Hi-Gloss Fuchsia.
You see, I potentially have my very own sewing room in this new house... which used to be called the formal dining room! Its directly to the right when you walk in the front door, so I want my space to look sassy, well put together, and bold. For the walls, I have no idea yet!

Here's my paint choice:

Which, via a happy coincidence, matches my new pair of Crocs. I pinky swear that these gosh-awful boat-esque shoes will never be seen on my feet in public - but they'll make great house shoes as the main floor is all hardwood and tile. Fun eh? I think so!
I've been busy finishing up a load of potholders and just yesterday cut out a bunch of 3" tumbler blocks for a load of mug rugs! Yes, a craft show is looming in November... I'm excited!

The beauty of the tumbler cutting: it only took 20 minutes to cut 104 blocks... more on that soon!


AnneMarie said...

I've been surfing for new slipper/house shoes for winter. My feet are always cold. Never thought of those insulated crocs. May have to give a try! thanks for the idea. See ya next week!

MeganAnne said...

I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog. Check it out if you like...

Kirsten N said...

I wash smaller pieces of fabric or test them for colour fastedness in the bathroom sink with just a tiny amount of liquid detergent, and put any larger pieces in a lingerie bag in the machine with my normal wash.

Lauren @ Craft My Life Away said...

Hey! A craft room of your very own, SO EXCITING. We JUST bought our first house, and I am in the process of starting to re-do my craft room (4th bedroom) in that house. It has 2 walls of built ins (lucky me!) so I might paint those white (currently green) and I want to paint the walls an eggplant color, my new favorite. Good luck, hope it all works out!