Monday, August 22, 2011

Fav {F-Words}

Fun Fabrics!
The first two at left are from the newest DS Quilts collection at Joann's! Joann's hasn't posted them yet on their website so here's a link to the collection on Etsy.
In the middle is "Whimsy" by Heather Mulder Peterson & Deb Mulder for Henry Glass... purchased from SEWN in Cincinnati! Cute shop!
My personal fav, the brown geometric print is "Nutmeg" by Caleb Gray from Groove... sort of reminds me of the Pez fabric that is so hard to come by.
And the dotty-birds fabric on white is "griffith song" by Alexander Henry. I think its yummy!
I only have plans for the first 2 prints, and the others will be added to my stash.

On a similar note - I found out today that Flea Market Fancy (aka FMF to those of us obsessed with fabric) is going to be re-released early 2012! I'm sure this is old news to some people but I thought I'd share anyhow. I didn't care for this line at first but man has it grown on me. I don't actually own any of it because it was out-of-print before I stared sewing... and I refuse to spend $14+ per FQ to get my hands on some. Thus, I will start saving my pennies and see if I can't jump on some good ol' FMF this winter! What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Also included in Fun Fabric: an Ikea Duvet Cover on CLEARANCE for $9.99!
Do you know how much fabric that is? LOADS, actually, its 102" x 86" per the package... and 2 king size pillow cases! I'll add the pillow cases to my stash, and save the duvet cover for quilt backing... man I love Ikea. I should have bought 3. Why didn't I buy 3?

We were in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last weekend visiting Eli's Great-Grandparents.
It was Eli's first trip to PA and he did exceptionally well so much driving!
All the family enjoyed seeing Eli, and I'm sure he wore them out, even if they won't admit it.

One final favorite F-word:
Finding money in coat pockets! Yay!
And that never happens to me thanks to Dave Ramsey's cash envelopes.
Once a year its nice to find mis-placed money, I say!


Cille said...

Oh... It will be an amazing back at some point. You're right... Should have gotten three :) I really need to check out my IKEA for great fabric offers. Doing backs with quilt fabric is just too expensive.

Melanie said...

That is so cool about the FMF! I too missed the boat the first time around, so I'll have to set aside some of my fabric budget!

Thanks for the heads up!

Beth said...

I was just at IKEA last week, too! I keep meaning to go to SEWN when I am there but haven't made it yet.