Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No sewing to speak of...

... but we had a fabulous Independence Day weekend! Eli enjoyed a ride on Grandpa's boat...

He then promptly fell asleep half way through the ride. I don't blame him, the motion was putting me to sleep too! Swimming at the beach, a cookout, then fireworks were enjoyed as well.

Eli showed his eco-friendly side by creating a hat from "found" materials. Cute eh?

I was able to find some free-time and managed to cut out all 106 templates for the Farmer's Wife QAL, yay! Before they were cut I had each sheet of paper laminated at Office Max for about $16. And here's how I've decided to organize them:

Ziploc baggies numbered 1-15, 16-30 etc. should do the trick! Now there will be no hunting through a bazillion templates, just grab and go! I've even got the fabric picked out for my next two blocks. Now, if we can just get past our move this weekend (eek!!!) I can unpack all my sewing stuff and get on with my stitching addiction. We will only temporarily be living with J's parents until we find the right home for us... which could mean more sewing time for me, with an extra set of adults in the house. Right? Hmmm we'll see!

Tell me what you've been working on lately! I need my sewing fix!
A bag? A quilt? A cute little baby outfit? A skirt for yourself?


Alisa said...

Your little guy is so cute!

You look pretty organized for your QAL.

I'm not working on much. Mostly helping my kids with their crafting as it's summer holidays. I need to make a few baby gifts though.

We just moved 2 weeks ago. It's a big job but it has been worth it. Still unpacking though.

Stephanie said...

Eli is getting so big! I'm currently working on a table runner for someone, then I've got plans for a quilt or two for myself... finally! And just maybe I can finish up my Bee quilt, can you tell I'm excited :)