Monday, July 18, 2011

Eli + Homemade Iced Coffee

We're walking into church Sunday morning and Eli spots this motorcycle in the parking lot.
I find out it belongs to the drummer so while heading to our car afterwards we take a little detour and let Eli check it out. He was very impressed, and loved sitting on it! Eli is a mans man through and through, can you tell?

Breakfast at Aunt Carla's house:
Shoes are a fav toy... and little man finally put my sandal on correctly, between his toes! He was walking around like that for a while, which made it difficult to get a good shot. I'm about ready to seriously start saving for an SLR camera... my little Canon PowerShot is not cutting it!

Iced Coffee:

Have you been looking for THE best iced coffee recipe? Well you're in luck! I found it via one of my favorite quilting blogs, Film in the Fridge, and the original recipe is found here... SO YUMMY!

We were in the thick of moving last weekend but now we've settled in, I've unpacked my sewing stuff and now I can get back to my FWQAL blocks, a half finished bag, some place mats, and a charity quilt I need to back and quilt. Lots to do - but I love it!


Melanie said...

Oh my son would be so jealous! He LOVES motorcycles! Everytime we go for a walk he goes nuts if he sees one!

Can't wait to see your upcoming projects! Have fun!

Snovit said...

Your little boy is such a cutie! Looks great on the motorcycle, indeed! I'm waiitng now for my little one to start crawling around :)
Have fun with your sewing!

Lauren @ Craft My Life Away said...

I have been rocking the iced coffee too! It is SO NECESSARY. I plan on drinking so much in the > 100 degree days this weekend that I've been pre-bagging ice cubes so I can be sure there will be enough. So sad.

The blogland recipe sounds great, I will have to try it out!

jmday said...

Re: camera... I LOVE my Sony Alpha Nex 5... it's small like the point and shoot, but fast like an SLR and has interchangeable lenses. Best Xmas present *ever*.