Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL: 4 down, 107 to go! {+ Eli}

#41 Friendship Star
{sewed up pretty quick, right?}

#60 Noon & Light
{yeah, this one was a booger - LOTS of tiny pieces and it took forever... but I love how it turned out!}

4 down, 107 to go! Don't think about it Cristin, just do two every week and there will eventually be 111 done! Right? Right!

And I have to sneak Eli in too! He was lounging on the kitchen floor the other day and he stayed still long enough for me to snap a photo. This kind of stillness doesn't happen very often!

What's making you smile this week?


Lisa said...

Great blocks! I'm enjoying watching all these farmer's wife participants.

My 16 month old nephew made me laugh, giggle and sigh. Little boys are so delicious!

randi said...

nice blocks! the quilt-a-long is a fun one to follow. everyone's blocks are so different and fun!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Eli sure is growing a lot--so cute. I love the old-fashioned blocks

Stephanie said...

Those blocks are very cool! I'm loving Eli's blanket, is there a pattern for that somewhere? I'd love to make one, it's really pretty.