Friday, May 27, 2011

My Sewing Space

Welcome! If you're stopping over via Gen X Quilters then grab a comfy seat, a cup of tea of coffee and visit with me! I'm especially happy to be featured for Follower Friday as AnneMarie has such a fun blog and I'm lucky enough to know her personally as we both live in central Ohio and attend the same Modern Quilt Guild! Yay for real-live sewing friends!

I wanted to show a few more photos of my sewing space, as I'm completely smitten with a new way of folding fabric, arranging In Color Order, and such.

Now, this is not a NEW way of folding, I know, but Jeni's series "The Art of Choosing" really encouraged me to get my act together, fold fold fold, and try to figure out if I'm lacking certain colors or fabrics in my stash. Her series also gave me great tid-bits of information when I am buying fabric, to know if it will be a good fit in my stash or not.

I have decided I have very few stripes, TONS of polka dots, and not near enough yellow, brown or purple... so there's my excuse to go shopping! I know, right?!

See my chair cover? That's my very first successful attempt at free-motion quilting! Its just stippling, but man I was a happy camper when it finally clicked!

And last but not least - McDonald's has an Iced Coffee to die for! See it occupying my mug rug? So yummy! Get it with sugar-free vanilla syrup and its virtually guilt free.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to stay and browse around!


The Garden Bell said...

WOWza. It's been a while. Just look how wonderful you room has come along. I think of you often, as I watch Aiden grow up. Hope Mommy-hood is treating you will.

MariQuilts said...

The feature is great and your sewing room is looking wonderful.

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts said...

I'm new- popped over from AnneMarie's. Loved your post. Your stash looks great and I am going to check out the link about organizing. So glad to know about you!

AnneMarie said...

Love those pics of your space!! Thanks for sharing at GXQ today!

Katie said...

Your room looks nice. Mine is always a mess.

Becca-Lou said...


Would be ashamed to show my fabric stash :(

U said...

Oh wow, I wish I had a room for sewing. But I don't even own a machine - I had to borrow one from my mom. Maybe in the future I'll have something as cool as you have now! And I love the color-coding!

Learn How To Make Quilts said...

love your sewing room. Adorable painted window and birdie! what a way to add a window when you have none. Look out in imaginations.