Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eli + Unexpected Awesomeness!

Random Story: I received an email from Angela at Fat Quarter Shop saying that I was the winner of their weekly giveaway! I was shocked because I've won one giveaway in the last 3 years... so this was a nice surprise! Its the Pure Elements Fat Quarter Bundle (by Patricia Bravo for Art Gallery) and can I just say the colors are genius! Very vibrant and deep... I'm thinking of pairing a print with each color to make a color block quilt. Although I'm sure I won't get to it anytime soon, as usual. The fun Munki Munki prints just came to mind but I only own one print (Pink ice cream trucks) so I'd need to do some major swapping to have 9 other prints.
Do you happen to own some Munki that would match any of these colors? I'd be willing to chop these FQ's up and share, if you shared your Munki! haha
My wheels are turning now....

And then there's Eli:

{13 months)
His new favorite toy is the bakeware drawer under the oven. He looks comfy in there!
Eli also enjoys taking cookie sheets into the living room and sitting on them like a wagon, or sled. Creative little guy - and funny to no end!


Lisa said...

I don't have any Muki, but I have to say that Eli is looking adorable! Does he have red hair or is that just the photo? I love redheads! hehehe

Emily said...

Congrats on the win! I love your little boy Eli! What a cutie! When I saw the title of the post I knew there would be some cute pics so I came to see and hey, not disappointed!

I have 3 yo redheaded girl - cute as a button but temper to match!

.tif said...

Elisha loves to be in the kitchen with me, too. He loves to pull out all the pans and lids I have in that bakeware drawer under our oven, but he has never sat in the drawer (yet). He'd rather pretend to stir and cook like me. It's really adorable. :)