Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tag! you're it!

Freshly attached to the quilt, so its now officially done!
{I don't consider a quilt done until it says who it belongs to and who made it, when, and where}
Sister doesn't have a decent iron (a quilter's nightmare!) so the label is poorly pressed, but she didn't care.
And thats about the only quilt I've finished in the last three months... hmmm.
I'm working to rectify that problem though! Promise!


Kiera said...

I'm the same way! I like to label my quilts with the name, the month I made it and who it's for. I just think it's makes it so special. Just signed up to follow your blog. Your work is beautiful. If you have time...stop on over to kiki-itssewkiki.blogspot.com and consider becoming a follower too!


Paul said...


What product do you use to create your label? Is that an Iron On that you created on your PC and printed to transfer paper?

I want to start labeling my quilts, but I hate my own handwriting...

Carolyn said...

Love the label! I always have great intentions to label them and then by the time I get to that point, I just think "oh, forget it!" I'd love to hear how you created your label. It looks great!