Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Blue Eyes

*almost* 1 year old
loves the beach
(only!) 2 teeth
can walk if he holds your hand
has a smile that will melt your heart

loves his dad
refuses to say mama

wrinkles his nose to say "woof" like a doggie
but it comes out "oof"
can sign milk and all done
is becoming more cuddly, finally

loves all four of his aunts
lights up when he sees his grandparents
can climb stairs like nobody's business
flirts with girls of all ages at the grocery store

enjoys fruit, cheese, lasagna, and beef stew
hates to nap but usually succumbs
has blonde roots
loves his doggy Hazel
always waves hello and goodbye

Thanks to Aunt Carrie for taking these awesome photos while we were visiting sunny Florida!


Blue Is Bleu said...

Those are some gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous boy!

Lara said...

Gorgeous pics... he's adorable!

Grinsestern by Anita said...

gorgeous :)
real cute...
best wishes

Kiera said...

Soooo cute and happy!

Lisa said...

Too cute!
What a happy boy.
I can see the flirty thing going on!

Beth said...

Beautiful photos!

Rachel said...

Two words....heart breaker.

Stephanie said...

Love the photos! Just beautiful! What a cutie pie he is!

Christina said...

What a sweetheart! Beautiful pictures:)

epban said...

He has got to be the smiliest baby ever! So cute and the pictures are wonderful.

Secretary said...
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Sunshine said...

Not sure if my last comment still showed up (I deleted it cause I posted it under a different gmail account by accident - you'd never have figured out who it was from :)

In brief: the pics are awesome! This will be a great time capsule for you and him!

Jackie Russell said...

Such a handsome boy! How could you not smile when you see these pictures.

Cristin said...

don't worry! these photos were taken at a friend's beach house in Clearwater, FL... their kids are grown so white couches are acceptable :-) In our home, not so much.

Carolyn said...

Such beautiful pictures!! (and my daughter only had two teeth at a year too!)

Kristin said...

Love the photos in the red diaper! Great.

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures!

Faith said...

He is just beyond cute. :) My guy won't say mama too, stinkers!

Amanda said...

christopher is still not saying mama too!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

What a beautiful post about a beautiful boy. Your sister has some mad skills.
Love his red "undies" and his hip green doggie shirt! :)

Morgan said...

He's a cutie! I can't believe it's been almost a year since you had him! This past year has gone by very fast.

They call me aggie said...

Oh, I can't stand it! Your little almost-one-year-old and my little almost-one-year-old are almost twins! They look SOO much alike and by the sounds of it, act so much alike.
Climbing stairs, flirting with girls, big baby blues, curly hair, big grins, the list goes on.

Here is a link where you can see him at the bottom:

And here is another link where there is a better photo of him:

Love this age!