Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Florida Fun!

We just returned from a long weekend in Tampa Florida! It was almost like a little family reunion as it was both my sisters, their husbands... then we drove to Palm Beach Gardens and spent an entire day with my moms side of the family whom we haven't seen in YEARS.
Eli even met his Great-grandma for the first time!

The above photo was taken at the NY Mets spring training game we attended on Sunday... it was a great little game and the weather was gorgeous!
After this long winter in Ohio... Florida was just the ticket!


Rachel said...

Florida really is beautiful this time of year. I really miss living there. Bet you didn't want to leave!

Elena said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself! Palm Beach Gardens is my neighborhood! :)

Beth said...

OOOOHHHH....you're wearing a tank top. *sigh* Where is spring?