Monday, March 28, 2011

A Charming Challenge

The lovely people at Robert Kaufman Fabrics furnished our little Columbus Modern Quilt Guild with Kona Charm Packs to play with! A challenge has been made for each of us to create a quilt centered around these 42 squares of Kona solids (the Bright Color Palette)... and we can add one additional solid and also a print, if we so choose.
The Theme: Summertime Fun!

I've been racking my brain and have finally decided how to chop up and sew together this rainbow of fabrics! I'm adding Coal Kona for sure but have not yet decided if a print will be added... maybe for the binding?
My inspiration came from Rita... but I won't say exactly which pattern, you love a surprise, right?

We'll be sharing our progress at the next meeting on April 21st... hopefully I have a completed quilt top to show! My fingers are crossed!
If you live in or around Central Ohio - and love to quilt, or even want to LEARN to quilt, come to the next meeting! We gather at Quilt Trends close to I-71 and 161.

I personally love being a part of this group! Its one thing to have 'online' quilting/sewing friends on Flickr, Etsy, etc but to be able to chat face to face with local gals and learn from each other in the process... I'm finding it priceless!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Blue Eyes

*almost* 1 year old
loves the beach
(only!) 2 teeth
can walk if he holds your hand
has a smile that will melt your heart

loves his dad
refuses to say mama

wrinkles his nose to say "woof" like a doggie
but it comes out "oof"
can sign milk and all done
is becoming more cuddly, finally

loves all four of his aunts
lights up when he sees his grandparents
can climb stairs like nobody's business
flirts with girls of all ages at the grocery store

enjoys fruit, cheese, lasagna, and beef stew
hates to nap but usually succumbs
has blonde roots
loves his doggy Hazel
always waves hello and goodbye

Thanks to Aunt Carrie for taking these awesome photos while we were visiting sunny Florida!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tag! you're it!

Freshly attached to the quilt, so its now officially done!
{I don't consider a quilt done until it says who it belongs to and who made it, when, and where}
Sister doesn't have a decent iron (a quilter's nightmare!) so the label is poorly pressed, but she didn't care.
And thats about the only quilt I've finished in the last three months... hmmm.
I'm working to rectify that problem though! Promise!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Stash {Pips!}

It's still Sunday, right? Right, just barely.

The mailman brought me a fun little package from Fat Quarter Shop!
I didn't think the long awaited "Sherbet Pips" by Aneela Hoey came out until April but I did receive the email from FQS that they had charm packs, layer cakes, and jelly rolls IN STOCK!

What's a PIP, you ask? I have no idea. I tried to google it but nothing seemed to answer my question. Is it a monetary measurement? Or maybe its short for "Pippi Longstocking?" I imagine it to be a type of British candy, for some reason. Anyhow, I digress.

So I pounced on 2 charm packs (each pack consisting of 42 - 5" squares of the entire line!) Yes sir-ee Bob, I'm a happy girl! Now, if only the yardage were available... then I could make a major dent in my checking account~

I pulled my three fav prints, below... Mmmmm yummy!

Now the important question: What shall I create from these 84 squares?
A quilt, most likely... if the most perfect design were to cross my path.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boy Bibs!

You won't find a spot of pink or a flower on these drool catchers! If you haven't been following "Celebrate the Boy 2011" over at Made by Rae... you're missing out! Sometimes it seems like boys get the shaft when it comes to cute handmade items like bibs, pants, and the like. Well I decided Eli needed a few new fun boy accessories that are not only modern but all boy!

I own a handful of baby sewing books by the likes of Amy Butler and Lotta Jansdotter to name a few, and these bibs and drool bandannas are both from Lotta's baby sewing book! They were quick and easy to sew up, which is a prerequisite for me these days!

Apparently I hate blue... but thats ok - if we happen to have a girl someday, we'll be ready!

The pattern for these bibs actually had a rounded bottom but I squared them off for better coverage, and I think it makes them unique from store-bought bibs.
Who knew a few scraps from other projects could go so well together? A little Tufted Tweets from Sister's quilt... a little Alexander Henry from a tote bag, and a titch of Full Moon Dots and Katie Jump Rope (which I can't seem to be rid of!) Well, not that I hate them but I've been using up scraps for what seems like ages and I'm tired of looking at them! Maybe I just need to go fabric shopping, right? Right! Oh wait, I already did! Sherbet Pips just became available at The Fat Quarter Shop - what are you waiting for?! Snag a few charm packs or FQ stacks!

One of my quilts is featured over at Sew We Quilt in the banner! How fun!
I just love March... green IS one of my favorite colors!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Florida Fun!

We just returned from a long weekend in Tampa Florida! It was almost like a little family reunion as it was both my sisters, their husbands... then we drove to Palm Beach Gardens and spent an entire day with my moms side of the family whom we haven't seen in YEARS.
Eli even met his Great-grandma for the first time!

The above photo was taken at the NY Mets spring training game we attended on Sunday... it was a great little game and the weather was gorgeous!
After this long winter in Ohio... Florida was just the ticket!