Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Favorites - Part One

I received these Gingher 8" Knife Blade Scissors and I have to say, they are pretty sweet!
They cut through fabric like butter. And I'm not joking. Buh-bye old worn out scissors!

Under the scissors... my new copy of The Practical Guide to Patchwork
by Elizabeth Hartman (of Oh Fransson!)... my new favorite book! If you love her quilts and fabulous use of color, you will not be disappointed in this book! It lays out the basics of how to construct a quilt, how to choose and cut fabric... plus there are 12 of her quilt patterns so you too, can create a gorgeous quilt of your very own! The Birdbath quilt is my favorite, I think.
If you have never made a quilt, after reading this, and following Elizabeth's precise and intuitive directions... I'm sure you could sew one in no time! Well, not no time - some time, but you know what I mean.

Another favorite: a new quilting design! Not NEW as in never been done before but new to me... and I love it!
I was inspired after seeing this post from Elizabeth, who like me, usually does a standard stippling on quilts. It was really fun, but hard for me to break the curvy-ness of my old ways, so not every corner is crisp like it should be. I'll definitely be trying this on other quilts! Love it!

What have you tried that's out of your realm of 'normal?'

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Leslie said...

i got those scissors as a christmas gift from all of my children...they were to replace the pair i dropped and ruined...and i love them. they are amazing. makes me want to just trim strings or clip fabric all day long. i love that book too...i bought it for myself not that long ago and am hoping to get sometime to sew something from it soon.,