Friday, December 30, 2011

Color Blocks Placemats + Napkins - a finish!

 I can finally share these photos now that Christmas has come and gone!
Four quilted place mats and four napkins went to my little sister, since I knew she had been looking for these particular colors for ages. 

 I had seen this free tutorial from Oh Fransson! and I knew it was the perfect project for Christmas!
Here's the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4, should you be interested to whip some up yourself!  I don't usually follow patterns, but these turned out so great I may try a pattern again someday...  just joking.  Sort of.

 I did try some loopy free-motion quilting, which was easy, quick, and afforded a nice bit of texture and interest to the place mats.  


 Fabrics used:
Heather Baily's "Pop Garden" and Kona cotton in Aqua.
For the backing and napkin centers I used Essex Linen in Natural.

I know these are going to look fabulous in my sister's kitchen!  
And now I think its darn time to do some sewing for my new home!  Ok, I've already started sewing and the living room curtains are already done... but a table runner, sewing room and bedroom curtains, and lots of throw pillows are in order, just to name a few.  
Stay tuned!

And I consider myself back to blogging now that our big move (plus the Holidays) is over... I've missed my quilty friends!  Its good to be back :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

{natural backdrops}

Whilst trying to add a few items to my Etsy Shop left over from last month's handmade shows... I had no idea how to photograph some 9ft banners in a creative way- until I looked out the back window.

There - freshly chopped down and stacked along the property line - was a huge pile of firewood!  The neighbor who cut down this tree must be OCD like me since every piece was almost exactly the same length, thus lending this lovely wood pile wall for my shop photos!  

I'd say it does the trick! So before you drive all around town trying to find the perfect spot for a photo shoot for that newly finished quilt, or what-have-you... first glance out your window! You may be surprised at the beauty just waiting to be discovered.  Yes, even in the backyard.

When we move into our new home in less than 2 weeks I may still have to take my photos over here - on the neighbors woodpile.  Good thing its a NEW pile of wood - and won't be thrown into a fireplace for a year.  My fingers are crossed at least!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving Onward

If you've been wondering where I've been lately... here's the scoop:
We've finally found a house, closed on it, and have started adding a few personal touches!
Like removing the wallpaper in my sewing studio which has really opened the space... so much better!

This front hallway also had the pink and blue wallpaper, its gone!  Thank goodness it was properly installed (10 years ago when the house was built?)  so it came down easily with peeling off the top layer then using a wallpaper steamer on the glue paper. 

Here's the living room - yet to be painted a super light aqua green, which will hopefully go well with my choice for curtains - Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden in Paisley Garden.  I LOVE this fabric and I think I'll probably hate the paint color until the curtains are up.  And if I still hate the paint color, I'll have to figure out a new color, because I'm set on my curtain fabric choice!  Any suggestions for another color?  The fabric looks "turquoise blue" but is actually closer to the green family.  Eeek!

Here's our master bedroom.  And yes, I chose that shade of green!  Its inspired by Kona Grass Green so it will compliment my bed quilt.  Its quite bold, and a tad darker than I wanted, but I think it will grow on me once all the furniture is in and the bed is made.

(love the double closet that runs the whole length of that wall!)
And here's my lighting fixture tip: has THE best selection and price on modern lighting fixtures!
I purchased this one for the eating area and this one for the sewing studio.... go ahead, try  to find decent pendants at a big box store. 

So this is where I've been hanging out for the last week or so.  I've been able to do a little sewing, mostly on a secret project for Christmas, which I'll share after the fact.  Sorry...  no sewing pics to share until then.  What have ya'll been up to?  Are you finished with your Christmas Sewing?? 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fabric Love

 Some classics I needed to restock:
Erin McMorris: Weekends and Wildwood
Sandi Henderson: Henna Garden
Heather Bailey: Pop Garden
and... just for the fun of it:
Daiwabo: Blue Hippos

All these goodies are still on sale at Hawthorne Threads!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{a dozen bibs} JCC Handmade show this Sunday!

 My second and final handmade show is this Sunday!
If you're in the Columbus OH area come check it out!
65 vendors - and loads of great Christmas gifts to be found!

Seriously, if this Sherbet Pips bib doesn't sell, I'm keeping it.  Oh wait, there's two - I'll definitely be pocketing one of them.  Someday Eli might have a little sister, right?

I'm almost out of craft show mode... then on to Christmas Gift sewing mode!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Echo {echo echo echo} + great news!

 I've admired Lotta Jansdotter for quite some time, ever since I first bought her Simple Sewing for Baby book a few years ago!  The fabric she used in the book was so fun and I've always wondered how to get my hands on something like that.  Well, Lotta has come out with her very first fabric collection and I'm smitten!  It's called Echo - and you will not be disappointed!
 I didn't purchase every print in the collection, but I got my favorites... in half yard cuts!
I figure I'll be able to make a good sized quilt and them some!  Thank you, last Sunday's craft show, for sponsoring this purchase.  haha

 prints with a white background

prints with a colored background

On to the good news!  
No, not THAT good news...

We finally have a new house!  We close in a couple of weeks and guess which room this is:

Well, obviously, its the dining room... but its going to be my sewing room!  ALL MINE!
Note the horrendous wallpaper - it will be on its way out not long after we have the keys.  I plan to do a soft grey in there to keep it light and bright, and so photos will be easier to take.  And this light fixture, if I'm lucky.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its all come down to this...

 The Birds of a Feather Handmade Show was this past Sunday and it was a huge success! Due to its uniquely MODERN theme we were inundated with shoppers all day, I sold the Timber quilt (yaaay!) and had loads of fun with Carla and Amanda, my fabulous assistants.
Oh, and my fabric fund is fully funded now!

The blue ladder, um, I mean quilt rack, worked out wonderfully!

 Everything sold well minus the bunting (odd, right?) and the pillows... but thats ok, I have another handmade show in 2 weeks so maybe they'll find new homes there.

 The hand towels were probably most popular, followed by the pot holders and baby bibs!

 me + sister

Sadly, it was my first weekend away from Eli. I really did miss my little guy!  There were lots of moms shopping with their babies and toddlers but all I had was this little photo of Eli showing off his drool bandana. 

To restock:
mug rugs
hand towels

and if time permits - another quilt + a Scottie Dog or two!

So how was your weekend?  Visit any handmade shows?  Man I love this time of year!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Personal Invitation {Birds of a Feather Fair}

Do you live in, near, or around the vicinity of Florence, Kentucky... or Cincinnati, Ohio?
Well I am personally inviting you (yes, YOU...  In the pj's!) to visit me at the Birds of a Feather Fair which is a Modern Handmade Show being held this Sunday at the Hilton in Florence!
   I guarantee you'll find some Christmas Gifts worth giving, and probably something for yourself too!

Want to see a preview of items you'll see at the show?  Check out the BoaFF blog, and you'll even see a little something from Hazelnut Designs (me!)   
My booth will be near the center of the show, just look for the blue ladder quilt rack!

Gaah! Ok, back to sewing for me!  Just a few more bibs... and maybe a quilted scottie dog or two then I"ll be ready!

See you this Sunday!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Eli's Banner Quilt} Blogger's Quilt Festival: Fall 2011

For all of us who do NOT get to attend the Houston Quilt Market there's the Blogger's Quilt Festival!
Thanks to Amy, we can all enjoy a plethora of fabulous quilts from the comfort of our own homes, coffee in hand, jammies on.

I'd like to share one of the few quilts I was able to finish this year, Eli's Banner Quilt!

This past spring I was utterly itching to finish a quilt and I was inspired by this lovely little banner quilt so why not give it a go on a larger quilt?  For my boy, Eli. (now 19mo old!)

 So I pulled out my stash of Ikea flat sheets and duvet covers, decided on this tan flat sheet for the background then started digging through my scraps for the flags.  The "strings" the flags fly from are actually lengths of selvedge I save for just such the random occasion.

I decided to do a quick and decidedly fun loop-d-loop on the long-arm machine at my LQS, and it was a FAST quilting session to say the least!  A record, I think, completely quilted in less than an hour.

 Scrappy binding with all my favorite non-girly prints including kei honeycomb, DS quilts, and Joel Dewberry's woodgrain print in brown trim it nicely.

I realize this is a whole cloth quilt, as zero piecing was done on it, but I just love it!  Its impromptu, simple, fun, and done in 4 days! 
Another fun little tid bit:  The Modern Quilt Guild will be featuring this quilt during their 100 days of Modern Quilting series starting this January!  Yay!  So look for it on their blog!

Thanks again to Amy for hosting this fabulous virtual Festival!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Pillow Talk} + Wallflower in Mustard

They're in your family room, living room, bedroom, maybe even in your office or kitchen.
The odds are your dog or cat has her own pillow!  So what took me so long to decide to whip up my first pillows?  I have no idea.  But I'm so glad I did... and I'm hooked! 

I wanted something more 3-dimentional to showcase at Craft Shows this November so I thought, "Hey, should I attempt to make some pillows?  Dare I try?"  
Well, I tried.  And it was way less painful and tedious that I thought it would be!  Its more like making a couple of mini quilts!  And more functional if I do say so myself.
I used the (free!) Stripe of Strips pattern and dug into my scrap pile to make the center strips.  LOVE how they turned out especially with the Kona cotton in Coal added!  And I broke down and used the much hoarded DS Quilts fabric for the back and binding.  Binding these pillows like a quilt is not in the actual pattern, but I love how it looks so I wandered off the pattern.  Shocking, I know.

Trust me, if these pillows (for some crazy reason) do not sell I will claim them for myself!  
Otherwise, I'll be making a new set for the (yet to be purchased) living room... and bedroom... and Eli's room... and the entry way... and my car.  And even one for Hazel!

OH and maybe they'd make good Christmas gifts for sisters and sisters-in-law?  
Nooooooo... they'd hate them!  Ok, maybe they'd love them.
And for those of you obsessed with fabric in the mustard range of color, or Amy Butler, or both... I actually found a shop on Etsy selling this Lotus Wallflower pattern in mustard yellow!!!   And not for $16.99 per FQ!
I decided to bestow 1/2 yard to my fabric stash because, well.... just because.

What's the one fabric you'd looooove to have but just cannot seem to find it?

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Ladder Theory

What does a quilter do when she does not want to lug her brand new dark wood quilt rack to two different craft shows next month?  Well she wracks her brain for Flickr images she's seen in the last two years... and I could not find the photo but a very resourceful gal at a craft show in PA was using a LADDER to hang quilts and blankets on!  How genius! 
 I scoured Craigslist and found this plain old 5' ladder someone was dying to give me for just $15.  Most home improvement stores don't even carry wooden ladders anymore as they're all made of composite/plastic... so I was thrilled to find this practically new "quilt rack" for CHEAP in the next burb over!
I removed all the stickers, then added a coat of spray primer and two coats of spray paint and shazaam I have a collapsible customized quilt rack for my two shows... yay!  And it isn't bad for taking sewing photos either! 

I've been working on said craft shows since July so here are a couple more items I've whipped up!
 Some girl bibs made from Amy Butler home dec fabric, I believe its the "LOVE" collection.  Backed with white terrycloth.  And I used the bib pattern out of my Lotta Jansdotter baby sewing book, although squared off the bottom edge.  I rather like my new label placement... makes it look legit, ya know?

 This is my favorite bib... bold, bright, and says "I'm a girl but where's my plate of spaghetti!? Bring it, Mom!"  Eli has a couple of these bibs (in greys/reds/black) and I love them!!!!

Then there's  the release of Jessica Levitt's new book, Modern Mix! I actually don't own the book (yet!) but I think it will be in my grubby little hands by Christmas, even if I have to gift it to myself!
Well there's been a whirlwind blog tour for this book and one of the patterns from the book is actually available for FREE as a PDF.  These colorful strips are going to turn into two pillows, 18" square, each!  I 'm going to flank each stripe with Kona Coal... yum!  
I just dug thru my scraps and voila, I loved how it looked... and it was SO easy to sew!  I know I say that all the time but this pattern is great!  I'll be sure to share my finished pillows soon, promise!

So what have ya'll been up to?  Have a productive weekend? 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Aqua Inspiration

Aqua Inspiration found on Pinterest my newest addiction!

 i. want. this. machine!

 this salvaged wall needs to be turned into a quilt!  next on my list for sure!

 The most perfect bedroom I've ever seen.

And last but not least a funny little snippet  about boys, and the goofy things they say.
If Eli ever starts talking then I'll start sharing his crazy ideas, but until then, I've got nothin'.   
His list of words is limited to "All done!" "Ama" (Grandma) and "ck" (truck.)

Have a fabulous weekend and maybe I'll see you at the Craftin' Outlaws alternative craft show tomorrow (10/15) in Columbus Ohio.  I'll just be there Christmas shopping, not as a vendor.