Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Harvest from our little Hot Pepper!

Trick-or-Treat on Thursday night!

Could NOT get him to smile...

Until the costume came off!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stash + Baby

Wild Thyme by Carolin Gavin - LOVE!

Meadowsweet - Henna by Sandi Henderson

For Your Home - by Vicki Payne

I got to use some gift certificates (from my birthday!) to Hawthorne Threads - GEEZ was that fun! I've been wanting all of these fabrics for a very long time... and now they're mine!

And a little something for the Grandparents (and Great-Grandparents) who I know stop by here to see the little man:

(Don't worry! This was his first time wearing shoes - so they were still relatively clean. I promise! :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For ME!

Eli has three new crocheted items so I should get at least one, right?
I LOVE these new slippers... my very first attempt, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome!
The pattern was just a few bucks from this adorable little Etsy shop.
I think I've found my go-to Christmas gift!

Have you started working on Christmas gifts yet?
Quilts... afghans... scarves... hats...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stylin' for Fall!

I've been obsessed with crocheting little odds and ends for Eli lately... especially hats and booties! The booties did not go so well. I finished the first one fairly easily ~ then of course you have to make a second one. Well, the second one took me 5 tries to get it right... and its still a little wonky. So yeah, I probably won't be making another pair! But man they are cute! Here's a link if you're interested in the pattern for the booties. (Probably not for the beginner crocheter...)

The hat was a combination of an earflap hat (without the ear flaps) and a brimmed hat. Again, a little wonky but it gives it character, I suppose.

Eli was cheesing his way through this 3 minute photo shoot thanks to Carla being there to get his attention! Thanks sister!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Saying...

"Age is just a number."
"You're only as old as you feel."

yadda yadda yadda

The big 3-0
It's really not so bad.
30 is the new 20 I hear!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Craft Fair? Do I Dare?

I think its time I take a leap of faith and attempt to sell my goods at a local craft fair! I sort of hate the term "craft fair" as it sounds like a bunch of knick-knacks made out of macaroni and popsicle sticks. BUT what can you do? This particular event will be held on December 4th in Florence, Kentucky. Yes, I realize that's two hours from me, but its minutes from my sisters home, so she'll be my assistant... and my mom also agreed to come and take care of Eli! I'll get a 10'x10' area to set up my domain, and hopefully have a fun day!

This would be my FIRST EVER craft fair and I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting myself into! Therefore - I need your advice! If you've ever participated in such an event, please share your top tips for success! I know I need lots of business cards, a visually appealing setup, a large variation of price points... what else?

These two lovely little stroller quilts may just be the first to go in my CRAFT FAIR pile... I'm also thinking of:

more stroller quilts
a few lap quilts
a few baby quilts
security blankies
burp cloths
coin purses
mug rugs
sewing machine covers
tea towels

Final Boat Ride of the Year

So sad... October brings an end to boating fun.
We were up at Alum Creek this past Sunday on the Grandparent's boat... bright, sunny and 82 degrees! Yes, on October 10th. What's up with that?

Eli wanted to try on Grandpa's hat and sunglasses... the sunglasses only made it into his mouth.
Goodbye lake! We'll see you again next spring!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I woke up this morning and...

...discovered (thanks to Rachel via a Flickr mail) that amongst the eleventy billion items on Etsy - one of my very own crocheted blankets was on the FRONT PAGE! It completely made my WEEK! Minutes later it was SOLD and now heading off to Illinois to its new home. Eli, thanks for waking up earlier than normal so I could witness this rare phenomenon first hand!

Thanks, Kerriann, for curating this lovely treasury!

Today has been an exceptionally exciting day not only because of my FP feature, but my little sisters wedding was featured on Cincinnati Today! The editor saw photos on my blog, contacted me, I sent it off to Carla - and Voila! Spreading fun wedding joy everywhere we go!

Photo courtesy of my amazing sister, Carrie, of Carrie Wildes Photography

And last but not least - I need a haircut. Something on the shorter side, easy, and fun! I found this photo of Jennifer Aniston and though, hey, that could work! What do you think? Kinda cute, eh?