Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Best

Isn't he a handsome young man? I decided that just because he's a little boy doesn't mean he can't have fun little outfits. I've seen these on Etsy before and thought genius! Cute, comfy, and clever! I'm not thrilled with this first try, as the zigzag stitch was a little wonky on the knit fabric, but I might try a straight stitch next time. I did fuse the Amy Butler Full Moon Dots to a thin one-sided interfacing... I think I'll try a two-sided interfacing next go. Eli got all sorts of compliments at church today, so lets count it as a success. Oh, and I made a bib with a tie on it... I'm auditioning ties for my sisters wedding in August! Eli isn't IN the wedding, but will be in plenty of photos for sure! I'm thinking a grass green onesie with a flowered yellow tie. Carla's colors are tangerine, yellow, and green so that would go. We'll see what I come up with. I still have a month and a half to work it out!

Here's that smile I just can't get enough of! swoon...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post Vacation: Hexagons and a Bee Block

We were on vacation at Norris Lake, Tennessee last week and we had a great time! Due to the vacation home being full of family and friends I had my hands free much of the time. Trust me, I love Eli to pieces, but having time to sew was pretty nice! These little hexies rested on the swim platform of our boat... and that gorgeous clear-green water... man its to die for! And who knew Tennessee was so stinkin' HOT in June? It was over 90 every day plus humidity. Actual photos of US on vacation will be next post, I promise~

This block is for Katie - she had June in the Sew New To Me VQB. That cute car fabric is from TARGET, of all places. Katie snagged some of the Liberty of London mens boxers and chopped them up to have blocks made! Clever, eh? She's going to use all these blocks to make her 4 year-old son a quilt! I predict he's going to love it! She asked for 10.5" modern blocks like these and these. Said block is going out in the mail today Katie!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Faces of Eli

I have a very talented sister who was kind enough to take some shots of Eli on Father's Day. Carrie (of Carrie Wildes Photography) took what seemed like a kazillion photos, but ended up with some really fabulous pics of Eli... I think these may come back to haunt him on his wedding day! Thanks to Brad (future Brother-in-law!) and Carla for being in these photos too! And if you were wondering, Eli is almost 12 weeks old; geez time flies!
**Eli's outfit says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Daddy"**

This one is my favorite!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I kissed the mailman today...

... no I didn't, that's a lie. But I wanted to when I saw what he delivered today! An entire FQ set of the new Tufted Tweets by Laura Wisbrun! (And I'm pretty sure this is the first ENTIRE collection I've ever owned. There are only 12 prints so its more affordable, for sure!) I snagged it from Uberstitch as Pink Chalk Fabrics was out at that moment of my impulsive desire to get my hands on some.

Now - to admire this yummy orchid, sorbet, and grass goodness!

Another first: PURPLE is now added to my stash! I'll definitely work up (or finally purchase) a worthy quilt layout to really do this fabric justice. This will end up in a quilt, for sure!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{LOVE} baby girl quilt

After what seems like ages, this baby girl quilt is finally finished! Its about as simple as can be with four big blocks making up the front. I purchased some Amy Butler {LOVE} fat quarters a few months ago and figured they'd turn into a nice little stroller sized quilt. Man its nice to get this off my to-do list! I feel accomplished to get this done while tending to a 2 month old little guy. I basically worked on it in 10 minute chunks! hahaha

I went for the good ol' pebble quilting, even though it takes up a ton of thread! I just love how it looks, and makes any quilt a tad more modern. The fabrics were so bright and cheery I chose a pale celery green thread for the front and an apple green to blend into the back. I don't like quilting thread to stand out too much so this did the trick.

Again, to keep it simple, a whole piece for the back, also from the LOVE collection. The binding is a combination of the backing and green Sun Spots fabric, my favorite!

Measures 32" by 40"
Yup, I'm still obsessed with Amy Butler prints... although I haven't gotten my hands on this entire collection yet. YET!

~Available in my Etsy Shop~

Monday, June 7, 2010

cute x3

Jolie, Eli, and Lucy

Today Eli had his first visit to the play park! Obviously he didn't do much playing, rather, he slept the entire time... a pleasant surprise. His two girlfriends, Jolie and Lucy, came as well! We met these girls and their moms at a nursing group we attend every Wednesday morning. Can you tell these babies were all born within a week of each other?

Tomorrow Lucy's mom is going to teach me how to KNIT - I'm so excited!
Don't worry, I'll let you know if I succeed. There's nothing sweeter than a hand-knit baby blanket!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

boating 101

If you're new to boating (and life in general) here's the necessities:

sunhat? check
swim trunks? check
SPF 50 rash guard? check
infant life jacket? check
Dad to reassure you he won't let go? check

binky? check
mom close by? check
a quick dip in chilly water? check

shaded nap spot? check

Hazel wreaking havoc, and eating our sandwiches? check