Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stash + Baby

Wild Thyme by Carolin Gavin - LOVE!

Meadowsweet - Henna by Sandi Henderson

For Your Home - by Vicki Payne

I got to use some gift certificates (from my birthday!) to Hawthorne Threads - GEEZ was that fun! I've been wanting all of these fabrics for a very long time... and now they're mine!

And a little something for the Grandparents (and Great-Grandparents) who I know stop by here to see the little man:

(Don't worry! This was his first time wearing shoes - so they were still relatively clean. I promise! :-)


Leslie said...

my goodness he is adorable and getting so big. i love the fabric you got...the orange in the first set is my favorite.

Mary Perrine said...

Awesome stash! I love the meadowsweet.. and Eli is so handsome and is becoming a chunk.. Love babies that way. Isn't it hard to remember a time without them?

Stephanie said...

Great fabrics! Eli is too cute chewing on his shoe, I remember those days :)

Lisa said...

Hi Crisitn,
I just love your little guy! He is so cute. I recently started my own blog and i have linked your blog to mine. I hope you'll take a peak. Thanks