Thursday, October 7, 2010

I woke up this morning and...

...discovered (thanks to Rachel via a Flickr mail) that amongst the eleventy billion items on Etsy - one of my very own crocheted blankets was on the FRONT PAGE! It completely made my WEEK! Minutes later it was SOLD and now heading off to Illinois to its new home. Eli, thanks for waking up earlier than normal so I could witness this rare phenomenon first hand!

Thanks, Kerriann, for curating this lovely treasury!

Today has been an exceptionally exciting day not only because of my FP feature, but my little sisters wedding was featured on Cincinnati Today! The editor saw photos on my blog, contacted me, I sent it off to Carla - and Voila! Spreading fun wedding joy everywhere we go!

Photo courtesy of my amazing sister, Carrie, of Carrie Wildes Photography

And last but not least - I need a haircut. Something on the shorter side, easy, and fun! I found this photo of Jennifer Aniston and though, hey, that could work! What do you think? Kinda cute, eh?


Tracy said...

Congrats on the etsy success and thanks again for connecting me to your sister (s!) so that I could share the wedding photos.

Sunshine said...

Yay for your fame! I guess being on the front page pays off - literally :)

Plus, you've inspired me to get a hair appointment, it's also time for a proper cut for me!

Stephanie said...

YAY!!! Congrats on making the front page of Etsy! And how exciting it sold as well.

I think that haircut would look great on you.

Shannon Fricke said...

Great news re Etsy! Well done. Lovely blog.

Team NE said...

oh the haircut is super cute! Good luck at the fair! You will be great!

janssen designs said...

woohoo! congrats again! boy am i behind in my blog reading-500 posts in my google reader! yikes!

about the craft fair-you will do great! i had my first fair earlier this month and had a great time.