Friday, September 10, 2010

WIP - Crochet!

The start of a fun winter stocking cap for a good friend of mine!

I typically stick to flat crochet items like blankets... but I'm trying to branch out more and be adventurous. Wheeeee!
I even purchased a crochet pattern for adorable ballet-style slippers! I'm going to try my best!
What intimidates you when it comes to crochet, kitting, or sewing?


Stephanie said...

Those slippers look s o soft and cozy. I love the hat you're working on. I just bought some yarn today to make my son's winter hat. It's this fall weather, it really makes me want to get out my needles and hooks!

Cherries and Hearts said...

Patterns. That is what is the most intimidating thing for me. I tend to make things up once I know the basics. Love the color of the hat you are making, lovely!

Tara said...

Hmmm....that's a purple stocking hat. I wonder if maybe, just maybe, it could be for me??? :0) You are the greatest friend!!!!

megan said...

Good for you! I am having a knitting binge right now but really want to get better at crochet. I get the general concept but everything I do looks horrible. So I'm taking a class next week! Hopefully it will help me figure it all out!