Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Winter Hat

There's a chill in the air, October is upon us, and the leaves are starting to change! Autumn is my favorite season! Therefore - Eli needs a fun cozy hat too! Logical, right? Well I whipped this little hat up in the car while riding back from Myrtle Beach (pics to come soon!) and I think Eli doesn't hate it. Its the same crochet pattern as this blue one he wore when he was just a week old. I decided to omit the braided tassel as he'd surely pull on it and de-hat himself.

Seriously, this boy could be a model! Eli LOVES cameras and grins at the sight of one pointing his way!

You can find this pattern for sale on Etsy OR if you don't crochet, I'd love to make one for you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Babies Day Out!

Cristin & Eli - Erin & Lucy - Kiera & Jolie

Sometimes you just need to get out! I'm completely blessed to have found a few girls with babies the same age as Eli... via the nursing group at my hospital! We met there and have become good friends! We're actually missing one mom&baby because she's a full-time teacher so we only get to see her on weekends.

But yesterday we met at Erin's house then went on a walk to get coffee in uptown... All three of us love our Moby Wrap baby carrier and decided it was easier to carry the babies that way instead of strollers. Well you'd think we had pink octopuses on our heads with all the comments we got! I suppose I get odd looks when I go out alone with Eli in the wrap much less THREE babies in wraps. People are funny - men and women alike said how cute they were and the above photo was taken by a shop owner who just loved the babies. Unfortunately Jolie had to fill up her diaper so we had to head back but otherwise a lovely afternoon!

And then there's these two clowns - the stripe twins! I was getting ready to head home and Eli and Lucy were both sitting on the couch so it seemed like the perfect photo op! They cheesed their way through probably a dozen photos. Adorable, no? Six months old almost! Where does the time go?

Monday, September 27, 2010

New in my Fabric Stash - Just Because

Well, just because was having a nice little sale with half price shipping. I've always loved these prints! The top three are from Heather Bailey, the bottom is Joel Dewberry.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quilt Binding - by Machine

So I've been wanting to try binding quilts with my machine, instead of by hand. A queen sized quilt can take me 10-12 hours of hand stitching to get that binding done, but machine binding is so much faster! Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts does most (if not all) of her quilts this way, and so I thought, hey, why not atleast try it? Click on her link and it will take you directly her to binding tutorial.

So I did. And it was quite successful! I finished the binding on two stroller sized quilts (about 17" x 21") in 30 minutes, including pinning! I placed a quilting pin ever 3-4" to keep it nice and flat, and voila! Really not hard! I'd suggest you try it... unless you enjoy hand binding... which I used to... but with an almost 6mo old... my time is limited! Now off you go! Let me know if you have or will try it!

I still think hand binding is superior to machine binding, but I'm old school. I consider it the "proper" way to finish a quilt... but if I just need to getRdone, I'm all for it~

Friday, September 10, 2010

{Little Sisters Wedding 8.15.10}

Eden Park
Cincinnati, Ohio

{Bridesmaid Dresses from Anthropologie}


{The Day After}
Photo Shoot
Around Cincinnati

Such a great day! Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Custis!

WIP - Crochet!

The start of a fun winter stocking cap for a good friend of mine!

I typically stick to flat crochet items like blankets... but I'm trying to branch out more and be adventurous. Wheeeee!
I even purchased a crochet pattern for adorable ballet-style slippers! I'm going to try my best!
What intimidates you when it comes to crochet, kitting, or sewing?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lisa's Block - August SNTM VQB

Sew New to Me VQB: For Lisa
She requested a theme of 'Birds, Branches, and Bungalows' so I did my best to come up with a birdie bungalow. I rather like how it turned out! I would have added an outside trim of fabric but the bungalow was a tad larger than anticipated. C'est la vie!
Lisa, I hope you like it!

Wanna learn more about virtual quilting bees - check out this fabulous post by Oh Fransson!