Friday, May 28, 2010

Mermaids and Munki in the Middle - Bee Blocks!

This yummy block is for Kim. She requested a simple wonky log cabin block and mailed a nice assortment of Mendocino fabric... and some Kei Honeycomb I just love! Kim had the month of May in the Sew New to Me VQB.

I apologize for the less than stellar photos... I really need better lighting in my sewing space! Time to plan another trip to Ikea :-)

The following two blocks are for Rachel. The inspiration for Rachel's blocks come from Denyse Schmidt's "Drunk Love in a Log Cabin," which I really enjoyed creating. Rachel included two Munki Munki fabrics to be featured and surrounded by a white. I hope I did them justice!
Rachel had May in the [Bee]-autiful VQB. I particularly loved the orange Sushi print!

**Elizabeth has a nice little post about quilting bees, what they are, how to join them etc - check it out if you simply must know more***

On a side note, I intend to finish a baby quilt I feel like I've been working on for ages... a small feat, for a new mom! I hope to share it early next week!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blanket of Blue

Or maybe its an afghan? I looked up "afghan" on and it said, a soft woolen blanket, crocheted or knitted, usually in a geometric pattern. This blanket is not made of wool, but rather, ahem, acrylic yarn. Acrylic is less expensive and much more laundry friendly than actual wool. To me, an afghan sounds kind of grandma-ish and out of date. I like to think this is a modern blanket, hip and cool!

At any rate, the actual pattern is one big granny square... well not a square but actually a rectangle. It measures about 4 feet by 6 feet. I used two mega balls of yarn and didn't stop until it was all gone. That includes one round of double crochet trim and three rounds of single. I rather like the nice wide border.

And here's where this afghan/blanket will live, in my living room! The first crocheted blanket for our home! Well, Eli has one too.

Hazel has thoroughly tested out this blanket and she deems it snooze worthy, as you can plainly see.
Finally, I couldn't resist a quick shot with little Mr. He appears indifferent but I could tell he was really impressed with his moms new blanket. Plus it matches his eyes (so far.) *Grins*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I'm slowly but surely getting back into my sewing room, yay! Baby boy is starting to nap on a regular basis (also reading "On becoming Baby Wise" book so a flexible schedule is our goal...) therefore more sewing time for momma! I've completed a very simple baby quilt top, basted it with one whole piece for the back, and here's a shot of the binding! LOVE it, eh? I really do! Its going in my Etsy shop as this is obviously for a darling girl... so we've no need for it :-)
It feels great to (nearly) complete a quilt after such a long time away from it. Quilting and sewing is my hobby, but nothing is better than cuddling a new baby boy, can I get an amen?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jenni's Block - {Bee}autiful VQB

I'm a bit behind but no worries! Jenni had the month of April in the {Bee}autiful VQB.
She asked for a bit of hand embroidery... forest critters, to be exact. Bees ban live in the forest, right? This was my VERY first attempt at hand embroidery so I kept it simple, no doubt. Jenni sent us almost every print from the Katie Jump Rope collection so that was totally fun to play with.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Nursery: birdies, Eli & Hazel oh my!

Spool Birdie Mobile sewn by me, installed by husband and sister while I was still in the hospital after Eli was born. The one project I couldn't finish in time... but it still got done!!! Vinyl wall decal by Simple Shapes on Etsy. It doesn't match everything in the nursery but it goes - know what I mean? Like wearing green sandals with a yellow sundress... woops, I digress.

Eli is enjoying his quilt AND his crib... as he sleeps in it every night. Some nights for eight hours!!! I credit the velcro Swaddle Me burrito wrap.
Action shot: Eli sleeping (and not on his quilt for safety sake)

One of my favorite parts of the nursery....This owl print is by yumi yumi on Etsy (yes I try to buy on Etsy whenever possible!) Eli loves to look up at it when I'm changing his diaper. And speaking of diapers I want to share my cloth diapering experience so far, and let me tell you, we LOVE the cloth diapers! More on that soon, I've decided.

The rocking chair is a family heirloom from my mom. The curtains are from Target but I added the fabric at the top to tie it in to the bedding, I really like how they turned out! Sorry this is such a dark photo - it was sunny this day and made it difficult to photograph the window.
I also LOVE Scottie the Dog, his home is on the rocking chair, at least until Eli is big enough to play with him!This wall faces the window... just the basics. Books, receiving blankets, lighting, and the time.

Eli stretching out on the floor... and Hazel!

Do you think Hazel has warmed up to baby Eli? I think so :-)

A few of my favorites...

All of these photos were taken on April 12th and Eli was 1 week old. My little sister, Carla, took all these gorgeous photos with her fancy-schmany Cannon SLR. Thanks sister! I cannot believe Eli is already 4 weeks old! He's growing like a weed and I'm trying to keep up with taking shots of him every now and then so I don't miss anything!

I crocheted the yellow hat before I knew I was having a boy, but he still likes it I think. The blue elf hat also evolved from me - thanks to this PDF I found on Etsy! I only had to start over about four times before I got the desired cone shape going. And the LOVELY quilt in the background is from my amazing "Sew New to Me" quilting bee girls - more on that quilt here. Eli loves his colorful quilt!

Tomorrow, if I can make it happen... Eli's nursery - finally! Photos are taken & edited... just gotta work up the posting.