Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Bee]-autiful Quilting Bee Blocks for *Suzanne*

Suzanne has the 1st month, January, and her theme is "Opposites Attract" which really interested me... which entails an intricate portion and a simple uncluttered portion for each block. We got to interpret these directions and come up with blocks that held both qualities.
Here's what I came up with:

Main Block:

This is a variation of a paper-pieced string block and I actually did NOT intend for there to be a 1/2" trim around it. I unfortunately did not allow enough length on a few of the strips and therefore had to ADD the sashing to make the block a full 12.5" square. I think it works, I hope you like it Suzanne!

Extra Block:

Suzanne asked that if we had time, to make a second block. Well due to my jam packed schedule and numerous friends calling to hang out with me, I had all day and most of this evening to complete her two blocks. Fooled ya. I paper-pieced this block as well, which really is easier to do with thin strips. I'm a pretty big fan, if you haven't yet read about my first experience making a string block. Suzanne - I hope these blocks fit into your theme, and I really enjoyed creating them for you!
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ROZ said...

What interesting fabrics in the blocks

freshlemons said...

Those turned out great! And the border on the string block actually looks awesome!

Sunshine said...

Hi Cristin!

Love all your green blocks, it's a great colour!

I've nominated you for the Lemonade Stand Award, come check out what it's all about on my blog!


Leslie said...

these are so pretty...just like your green and gray i love the combination of the yellow and gray it is so so pretty.

Sarah said...

I actually like the way the sashing encloses everything in the first block. I love that gray/cream fabric.

corinnea said...

Cristin, the blocks are gorgeous. I am sure she'll love them.

I have nominated you for the Lemonade Stand award. Please do not feel obligated to participate.....

wishes, true and kind said...

Fabulous blocks! Love the colors and your interpretation.


twin fibers said...

Your blocks look great! I like the border around the string one. :)