Thursday, December 24, 2009

26 weeks and meet my little sister

I get the following question about 37 times a day: "How are you feeling?" And I always say GREAT! Because its true. Not just fine, or ok, or hanging in there... but I do feel great! At 26 weeks I've got very little to complain about. I really just feel like my normal self, but just a bit larger with someone kicking me from the inside. As I approach the 3rd trimester I know things could change, so I'm savoring my health right now. I'm hoping the severe fatigue from 1st trimester doesn't revisit... as that was just hard for me to handle, and my sewing machine became lonely from my lack of use. Six months down, three to go! And as you can see, Hazel found a way into this photo. She apparently likes to sit on the plant ledge and pose like a professional. Although I think she looks like a stuffed animal.

I think I'll get yelled at for using this photo, but I don't care. Meet Carla, my younger sister. I also have an older sister, Carrie but she lives in Florida and cannot come home for Christmas. Anyhow, Carla is 2 years younger than me, and lives about 2 hours south of us, in Northern Kentucky. Really just a few streets from the Ohio river. She's VERY excited to be an Aunt and talks directly to my belly, and calls baby "Hank." Cute, eh? Carla is in town for a few days so we hung out today and make cookies and goofed around.

Its almost Christmas so I should get to bed! Santa will be making a stop at our house, I hope!


corinnea said...

You look marvelous! Your dog just cracks me up.

Have loads of fun with your sis and Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!