Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zippy Cars Baby Quilt Finished!

Baby Rylan arrived about a month early and this quilt was on my "must finish" list to begin with... so his early arrival really motivated to kick it into high gear! The mom, Jenny, went fabric shopping with me at Sew To Speak and she chose these lovely Japanese Prints and polka dots for her new little boy. I added a light tan Kona Cotton to supplement and I love how it turned out! We got our inspiration from Ashley over at Film in the Fridge and her gorgeous "Sea" Gull quilt.

This print is from Heather Ross (for Kokka) from the Rabbits and Race-Cars line. It's apparently hard to find (online) as I've looked for a good link to anyone who sells it, but couldn't find one for this exact print. I love the little zippy cars racing around - great for a little boy!

The square Cars & Trucks print is also by Kokka... and the blue dots matched the squares really well... and I also used it for the binding.

Free-motion quilted, all washed and dried...
Finished size is about 48" square, which I think is rather large for a baby quilt but then again, I have zero experience thus far. I think it would make an excellent play mat though.

Oh the back... I do love the back. Jenny decided to go with a bright polka dot Flannel by Valori Wells and I'd say she made a great choice! I added a bit of the Kokka since the flannel wasn't quite wide enough... thats probably my favorite part~

Its been sunny here all week, which I think is quite odd for November... so these photos are almost summer-like. I'm sure we'll get a blizzard next week or something to make up for it :-)

Jenny asked me to make a special tag to include Rylan's name, DOB, and arrival stats so I whipped one up with linen tape and a black fabric marker. I wish I had better (aka fancy or unique or fun) handwriting skills but my plain 'ol printing will have to do. Do you like my bootleg editing to blur out a few things for identity protection sake? I kind of enjoyed it, don't know why.

And last but not least, I had to practice my free-motion quilting on something so I grabbed my favorite boyish fabric (Seagulls, by Alexader Henry,) sandwiched it, and quilted away... and I think I'll keep it as a stroller quilt for our son this spring... I particularly enjoy the Neo Geo dots binding. I think it just makes it fun and unusual. Its size is about 18"x 22". My first finished hand-made item to keep for our kid, yay!

How is your weekend going? Ours is defiantly busy, but in a good way. I'm hoping to continue the progress on the Ohio Sky quilt, maybe even get as far as starting to quilt it! We'll see!


Beth said...


I love that seagull fabric and I always admire it but have yet to buy any....might have to get on that, it looks great whole cloth!

Stephanie said...

Love both quilts! I used the seagull fabric in black in my husband's quilt, it was one of my favorite fabric choices.

I've been having a great weekend so far, visited lots of craft fairs and got to view many pretty baby quilts and other handmade goods.

Kerri said...

how cute!! i have that hr car fabric i keep saving for the perfect quilt for my son! now i just need to start. :)

ROZ said...

welcome Rylan

elle said...

You young gals have certainly opened up a whole new kind of fabric hunting for me. Whimsical! Who'd have guessed there were SO many more options. 8^)

Mary said...

Both quilts are beauties! Way to get it finished before he starts walking (a personal goal of mine).
I have never seen the seagull fabric. It is great.

Heather said...

I love all of the fabrics you choose. And you post about your "Etsy-versary" pushed me over the edge to start my own store...thanks for the inspiration!

Victoria said...

Rylan's quilt is super and it looks like you did a great job with your free-motion quilting!

Ashley said...

great quilt! so perfect for a little boy!!

and thanks for linking! :)