Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Possability #1 - Fabric for Nursery

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This fabric already happens to be a part of my stash, thanks to QuiltHome.com for bequeathing me with their "blog of the week" prize a few weeks back! $20 shopping spree - yes please! So I randomly chose these fabrics, which I loved on their own... and I recently realized HEY! those might make for one Modern, Gender Neutral nursery!

I love the birdie fabric which pulls the cherry red/orange and lime green out of the other fabrics... and adds a fun print for baby. I do obviously love polka dots... although I'm not sure about the green Full Moon Polka Dots - should those be taken out of the stack? Opinions please... if you have one.

The wood grain might make nice curtains... possibly pieced with a strip of birdies in there? I'll probably be winging it (no pun intended!) when its actually time to sew. A baby quilt is DEFINITELY in order... and a crib skirt and curtains. I may stick to plain white fitted sheets a la Target to keep it simple. Unless - someone has an ultra easy way of making fitted crib sheets. The elastic makes me nervous. So, any thoughts, opinions, suggestions on this fabric for a fun Modern nursery? OTHER fabrics you think I may like? I am kinda holding out to see Amy Butler's new line, Love, which comes out soon. Too girly, possibly, but there are some dots in there I want to consider first!

Belly profile pics to come eventually, and new shelving pics (God Bless Ikea!)


Megan said...

that was my first thought too - just not feeling the green polka dots and I LOVE polka dots. Great color selection! :)

The Garden Bell said...

I love them all. But the Granny Smith Green and Honey Crisp Red really stand out. What a fresh idea for a nursery. Thanks for sharing.

Blue Is Bleu said...

I love all the prints but I do agree that perhaps the green dot is the odd one out. Love the woodgrain thrown in the mix though!

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

I agree--I think the green polkas are maybe a bit too much--but love the woodgrain (because birds like trees) and the other polka fabrics together.

Congrats on baby news!!

Katie B. said...

I agree--the green polka-dots don't quite "go" for me. Love those Heather Ross polka-dots--I'm using those in a quilt I'm making for my son too!

And the birds are adorable.

Vallee said...

I would agree as well that the green polka dotted fabric kinda sticks out...maybe a lighter green or something. Love the colors! Congratulations as well on your soon to be new addition!

beth said...

happy baby room decor season! sounds like you're having fun planning out the whole thing!
love the fabrics you chose...except, you're right, i think the green dots can wait for another project.

Nichole said...

so i dont know if i necessarily have an opinion about the fabrics you chose. i think they look nice and you can definitely do a lot with them.

if you want some ideas for modern nurseries, one of my friends has done two spectacular ones. here is a link to her flickr page:

her first nursery came in second place in a contest on apartment therapy. here is the link to those: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/category/1847/nursery-colors-2007-entries

have fun! i think planning a nursery would be really fun!

roseylittlethings said...

crib sheets are super easy, there are some great tutorials out there.

Stephanie said...

Funny, looks like no one likes the green polka dots... well, except me. I think it adds a nice contrast with the dark background. I love the woodgrain and the birds too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Lime green sheets would be really cool!

Aimee said...

I agree with the others, but I do think you need a dark. Maybe the navy that matches the darkest birds? Love the other choices.

Liberty said...

I kind of like the green dots as well.... maybe as an accent fabric. I think it balances out the woodgrain fabric. I LOVE the choices. The nursery is going to be beautiful!

Christina said...

Congrats on the baby news! It will be nice to not to be full term during the hottest part of the year. You little one will be a perfect age to enjoy next summer. I look forward to lots of baby-in-progress photos! :)

Morgan said...

I'm with the idea of just buying a fitted sheet. Matching crib skirt/bumper/quilt/curtains sound great though!

Morgan said...

or this: http://www.amazon.com/Basic-Comfort-Ultimate-Crib-Sheet/dp/B00003XAKP

I bought one of these after having my 3rd. baby and never regretted it. I had a really hard time changing sheets because 1. I'm not very tall, and 2. I was always pregnant. It made it really hard for met to lean over and get the tightly fitted mattress out of the crib and get the new sheet on (especially with the bumper pad on).

I found this fancy sheet to be much easier. I didn't have to remove the mattress to change the sheet. The mattress pad is built into the sheet.

kathleen said...

great GREAT crib sheet --
2 yards 44-45 width fabric.
That is 72 inches -- square it up nicely to 68 inches by width of fabric.
Cut out 8 inch squares from all 4 corners.
French seam or sew and serge the corners -- an 8 " to the adjacent 8" seam.
make a casing to hold 1/4 inch elastic around the short ends of the sheet -- starting on the selvedge side about 8 inches from the sewn corner, continue across the short end of the sheet, continue about 8 inches down the long side.
Then take 2 pieces of 1/4 inch elastic, each 28 inches long and run them thru the casings. Stitch in place on the ends to secure.

I love this crib sheet. Hope this make sense! When you use quilt cotton fabric, the sheets get softer, each time you wash!

Cheryl Arkison said...

My two cents. I would go with the plain crib sheet, it will make the other fabrics pop. Plus, you don't actually see the sheet that often. Save the expensive fabrics for very visible things.
And, I think the pull you've done is great, but it is missing two things, IMHO. A large print for balance, and another dark/medium. The birds and green dots are dark, but that's it. Maybe something else with a bit of grey in it to pull that green dot back into the fold.