Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The End of a Spending Spree

I've been eying these fabrics for MONTHS and decided to just buy some already! And they are even more gorgeous in person. Thanks to Down Shadow Lane and Whipstitch Fabrics on Etsy.com, I've got enough polka dots to keep me busy for a while... not to mention my favorite - The Orange Duck Stripe! Ok, the Full Moon Polka Dot (from Amy Butler) is ALSO one of my favorites, as I have it in almost every colorway. They just go with everything - don't you agree?

We went to a cookout on Saturday night and the homeowner (a coworker of mine) had these amazingly gorgeous Hydrangea bushes in pink and purple. They were atleast 4ft tall, and full of these glorious blooms. At the end of the evening I was able to relieve him of 5 blooms and they now adorn my kitchen and bathroom. Just thought I'd share. Fresh flowers (of any kind!) are another one of those little things that make me happy, especially when they're homegrown from a friend. Just wanted to share these beauties with you!

This, I promise, will be the last post for a while with stacks of fabric... QUILTS will be coming, along with a laptop sleeve, and maybe even a bag or two. Yipeee!!!


Stephanie said...

Love all of those fabrics! You can never have too many dots!! And the beaters are one of my favorite prints, I made the lola apron out of it. I haven't yet had those adorable ducks in my hands yet, but hopefully I will, too cool!!! Enjoy all your sewing, can't wait to see what you make with these lovely prints. :)

Blue is Bleu said...

Those fabrics are beautiful!!! And the ducks just kill me every time I see them :) Hydrangea are one of my faves... I have 3 bushes in my garden and they're shades of blues and lavenders... can't wait to pick them!

Mel said...

Well I can't decide which is my favourite - they are all delish! And those flowers make me yearn for spring. My favourite colours too.

Enjoy sewing with them!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hydrangeas may very well be my favorite flower. I can never get enough of them. Plus, the array of colors that they come in now are truly amazing.

I love shopping too. Hmmm...this post is filled with all my favorite things. :)


Angie@CozyNest said...

Oooh, I love all the fabric, I'm jealous!

Kathi said...

I keep telling myself I won't buy more fabric. Then I see a great sale, or a customer places a special order and I decide that I may as well add a few more things to get free shipping (I can get a whole yard of fabric for what I would pay in shipping), and it goes on and on.
It is never ending!!!!

Dana said...

Those fabrics are to die for. And the hydrangea ain't too shabby either. :)

She Can't Decide said...

oh these are beautiful!!

I have been looking for something to brighten up my kitchen. I was to make a cafe curtain, but I have 5 windows, so the print can't be too over whelming. I hope I can find something in your two store links!