Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After many practice sessions of free motion quilting it finally clicked for me tonight! I had been saving this stroller size quilt for when I was good enough ... and tonight was the night! I've been reading online and studying various quilting blogs and watching two DVDs by professional quilter Patsy Thompson and I guess my brain just had to put π + √92 together. And then shazam - stippling success! It felt so good as I started out and just kept going and going. This quilt is only about 18 x 18 so nothing huge, but I couldn't be happier!

These are my practice sammiches which are positively awful, as you can see. So they'll be trashed very soon... not worth keeping in my opinion. Anyhow - just thought I'd share my "breakthrough" tonight with everyone. I'll attach the binding then finish it up on our plane ride to California this Thursday. Monday I'll have a finished QUILTED quilt - for real! I'm going to sleep a happy girl! Cheers!


Bev said...

Looks awesome!
Cheery wave from

Kellie said...

awesome! Go you! I am about to start practicing Free Motion quilting myself and your post has really reassured me that if I put in the practice I will get there!

Kris Poor said...

Cristin - It looks great! You're hooked now! -Kris


comfortstitching said...

Such a moment isn't it? Finally conquering the stipple and feeling like a proper grown up quilter at last!!!!
Your quilt looks great!!

Cristin said...

Yes! Thats exactly how I feel! Like a proper grown-up quilter :-) It feels great. In real life I'm 28 and don't feel like a grown-up so there we have it - hehe


Oh wow! That's so good! You're definitely inspiring me to practice my free motion quilting. The quilting looks fantastic!


One Flew Over said...

The quilting looks fab! What a great job, all the practice has paid off!!

Jabba said...

I've been sewing for awhile now and I'm no slouch, but I haven't attempted quilting yet. Kudos goes out to you for making it work!

So. Many. Questions. How do you make those tight curves, how do you fit an entire quilt into you machine......oh, I'll leave it for another day and continue tying the french knots on my first quilt....


Alex (aka: Baseball Punk) said...

Cannot even tell you how much I LOVE this quilt!!! Seems a little more eclectic than your norm (which are always rockin). I'm green over here!


Cristin said...

If you want to learn more about stippling (a type of free-motion quilting)see below two links! It takes some practice, but once learned... makes your quilt look PROfessional :-)

Crazy Mom Quilts - post w/ video:

Oh Fransson! How-to free motion quilt:

Have fun! You'll get hooked!

Christina said...

You should save those quilted scraps - they could be good for hot pads in a pinch! You could pink the edges so they don't unravel. I know exactly what you mean about having it click. Even now it takes me awhile to get into the groove when I quilt. I think the longarm is WAY easier than doing this on a sewing machine, so you are doing amazing. Better than I could.

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Congrats on your new stipling skills! It takes a bit of courage to take the plunge, but once I got the hang of it, it's my favorite style of quilting. Thanks for the nice comment about my spiderweb quilt, too!

Jennadesigns said...

Just wanted to share that I too recently had this breakthrough! After 8 years with my sewing machine... it only took watching youtube videos, a private lesson at the quilt shop by me and reading the owner's manual to my sewing machine to figure it out... but once I did... pure bliss! I'm aiming to do a baby quilt next.

Congratuations! Your baby quilt is beautiful by the way!