Thursday, June 11, 2009

Solid, man!

Just arrived in the mail - oh yes, it was a great day!
I picked out these 11 half yard cuts of Amy Butler solids... to supplement my love of... Amy Butler prints. I really should branch out a little. Meh, why?

And its from one of my new favorite fabric shops A Fabric Outlet.
NOW I can make a proper quilt with fun prints and solids. Oh yeah!
Hopefully I don't disappoint. I have high expectations for myself, apparently.


Southern Girl said...

Lovely colors! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

sunshine said...

I love that you say "Meh" :) My best friend from uni says that all the time! It's such a great word to express the "whatever for?"-sentiment.


Jabba said...

Get OUT! That's where I ordered my fabric from a few weeks ago! They really are great - such good selection and super quick service.
I'm dying to see the Amy Butler solids in person....they look gorgeous.

christine said...

i have yet to front quilt with solids, but it's becoming more and more inevitable. i shall keep an eye on your blog to see where those solids go :)
i scrolled down a little, and that grey-stripe quilt is so pretty! i think you just inspired me to quilt now swirly, but with straight lines, for the next one. thanks.