Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cute Cute Things & Hazel

Some odds and ends from my life:
A new pink sewing chair Justin bought for me - We are rounding up a bunch of things to give to charity, and the old set of 4 wooden chairs are outta-here! One of which was my sewing chair. So boyfriend-for-life finds this fun chair at Staples and lets me choose my color. Well hello, PINK, thank you! Justin buys it one evening and the girl at the register asks him "Do you know this is a pink chair?" and husband says "Yes, she knows." Referring to wife. I was not there, but I hear this is how it went down. Said girl at register should feel dumb for asking, no?

AND... I finally have an extension table (above, behind cute Hazel) for my Janome sewing machine! A new quilting friend happened to have a Janome and she didn't need this extension table since her fancy-schmany machine came with an actual table that it fits into. So I got this for a deal, and couldn't be more happy! I've already done some stippling - and it works like a charm!
And some new fabric I acquired from Etsy at a steal of a deal.

Last but not least, my garden is growing along quite nicely. Roma and cherry tomatoes, green beans, yellow zuccini, green peppers, and parsley. Nothing extravagent, but will be oh so yummy in my salads!

How was your weekend? Do tell! We did some boating, some swimming, I went to the beach... and a wedding. Then Sunday we had a little birthday cookout for my mom. And her birthday is today! Happy b-day mom!


Beth said...

Great fabric, and I <3 your chair!

Estela said...

I love hazel!! so cute!
also LOVE the fabric, I'm a fan of the lotus one from amy butler as well!!

comfortstitching said...

Your garden is looking healthily fabulous! I'm in stitches over the cashier tale ;DDDD
As for the weekend, I worked selling lots of handbags and jewellary on saturday. Sunday I did a huge tidy of the home and then stitched whilst watching glastonbury on the telly which was tooooo fantastic!!

whatktmadenext said...

Cool chair :) I have a pink chair for my PC! I'd glad you're enjoying your extension table - what a lucky find. I'm really enjoying mine and it does seem to help, even though it's not a huge amount of extra space.