Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodies for my Friend

Good friends are hard to come by. Seriously. For the first three or four years after I got married, I had little to no close friends. Friends that would agree to come over for dinner at the drop of a hat. Friends that were not afraid to ask for a ride to the airport at 6am on a Saturday morning. Friends that would meet us for icecream with only 10 minutes notice. THOSE are things that mean the most to me. Making time, and having time, to share with your friends.

I have a few of those girls in my life now, and I love them! They (or their husbands) are connected to Justin, originally, back to high school and or middle school, so all of us can hang out together and have a great time due to that common history. Now, here's where the fun begins. All of our friends have one or more children! Too fun! We are child-free for now - but I love spending time with my friends kids. They always amaze me with something they say, or do.

One of those good friends is Amanda. She's expecting a baby girl in July... and has a three year old daughter, Adison. Amanda asked me to use my stellar sewing skills (right!) to make a few goodies for her that will be useful once baby girl comes. So here are those items:

A binkie (or binky? or paci? or nipple looking thing?) whatever you want to call it... BAG to attach to a diaper bag and hold a few pacifiers and keep them clean and handy. This is my 3rd go with a zipper, and it wasn't bad at all!

These are not just any ordinary cloth bags. They are specifically made to be used as a cold compress. Insert blue ice, frozen peas, or a Ziploc of ice cubes. Your bruise, sprain, strain, or boo boo will be feeling better in no time. Velcro at the top secures it shut.

Nothing extraordinary about this blanket... just that its SUPER soft minky on the backside and I want one in adult size for my bed. I loved this Amy Butler fabric and thought it wasn't too baby-ish for a baby girl. Yes, no, maybe?

So there we have it. Fun goodies for a good Friend - and I really had a great time creating them. I may have to make a few more binky bags and sell them on Etsy - they were just fun to make.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Too short you say? Yeah, I agree!


One Flew Over said...

What a gorgeous gift! I bet she will love it!

glenna said...

CLEVER!! Like your blog and signed up to follow

Brittney said...

Cristin -
Thanks for visiting my blog, you're right - we do have similar taste in fabric! :-) Anything Amy Butler makes me happy, throw in a little Heather Bailey or Tula Pink and I'm the happiest girl on earth.
You're stuff is so cute; I'm definitely adding you to my Google Reader list. Keep up the beautiful work and good luck with free motion quilting - I was nervous at first, but wow, it wasn't that hard and even my nasty uneven stitches turned out wonderful after I put it through the wash.

Jabba said...

A lucky friend to get all this cute stuff in Amy Butler fabric nonetheless! I love that the blanket isn't the "typical" pink or blue colours.
Nice work on the zipper too! That's one thing I haven't attempted with my sewing, but I have a feeling it isn't far down the road.
I did my first shirring project on the weekend, I'll get it up on my blog soon.