Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A wee quilt-in-progress

I'll be leaving for Nicaragua in 2 days, yet I can't seem to put my sewing machine aside! Are quilts and bags really more important than a missions trip? Absolutely not... but I can't seem to help myself. This is just a small stroller sized quilt top I started... still need to add sashing. BUT I did sew a cute little (Robert Kaufman) fabric patch on a pair of work jeans for the trip, made a quick bag to store small items in my carry-on... and half finished a camera pouch. So I'm sort of working on packing for my trip; sort of. Right~

If I somehow find extra time to fool around before 4am Friday morning, maybe I'll share the fruits of my sewing labor. Yes, I have to be to the airport by 4AM Friday. Someone shoot me.


M & M Studio is sharing the love and doing a fabric giveaway - looks like 4 full yards!
Check it out here:


Sandee said...

You are a kindred spirit my friend. Sewing is good for the soul:-) Please enjoy your trip! This is a gorgeous creation..

Sandee said...

oh and thanks for that giveaway link!! Next stop for me

byrheea said...

Nice fabric. Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I'm going to get my Twilight DVD too! Can't wait for New Moon to be out on the big screen.

PS: I just have to scroll down and catch a glimpse of cute Hazel again. Hello Hazel ^.^

Oh, and enjoy your trip! :)