Monday, March 23, 2009

¡Hola! Como esta?

Thats right, my Spanish classes from 10th grade are coming back to me. I´ve been in Somoto, Nicaragua since Saturday, and its been great so far! But unfortunatly, this internet café I´m currently writing from does not allow photos to be uploaded, so I´m out of visual luck tonight.

We arrived safely in Managua on Friday and arrived to our motel in Somoto 24 hours later, at 1:30am Saturday morning two plane rides, an 8 hour wait at a (wonderful) hotel in Managua, then a 3 hour INSANE bus ride. We´ve met all the kids in La Carbonera where we sponsor many of them -they are as sweet as can be! Today was our first work day building another part of the Child Development Center... which consisted of sanding homemade bricks, tying rebar, hauling sand, dirt, and stones, and mixing cement. No I did not do ALL these jobs, not yet atleast. I`ve never been so dirty in my life, seriously.

My time is about up on this computer... please keep praying for our team of 27 members. Its really overwhelming to see the poverty in this country. Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. 80% of the people live on LESS THAN $2 a day. What did any of us do to deserve what we have in America?


Justin said...

Since my dear wife has limited internet access, I will clarify one item in her post. Hopefully she won't mind. She arrived in Somoto 24 hours after she woke up to go to the airport on Friday morning, not 24 hours after she arrived in Managua. Details...

Karen said...

Ahh...the memories of my trip to Nicaragua are flooding back to me! Keep having a blast and you'll all be in my prayers!!