Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farewell! (plus a finished quilt)

I've been scurrying around trying to get every last detail taken care of before I leave for Nicaragua tomorrow morning (flight LEAVES at 6am.) I'm almost done packing, life at my desk job is all wrapped up, and I already miss Justin and Hazel :-( Fortunately, we have good friends who have offered to feed Justin one night next week, and their daughter, Adi (almost 3) even offered to do our dishes. Too cute!
Last night I finished sewing a handy little catch-all clutch to keep in my carry-on and backpack (while traveling/walking/riding in the back of cattle trucks) and a fun little camera pouch. Both were just a product of my imagination - and some great Ikea fabric. At least I'll be well-coordinated on this missions trip!

And I finished my 3rd baby quilt, just posted in my Etsy Shop. I loved this Amy Butler fabric so much I just had to make another quilt, but bigger, than the last one. Just thought I'd share... yeah, I've been busy today.

I'll try to post some photos while on my missions trip - assuming I can find an internet cafe in Somoto, Nicaragua with computers that are compatable with my camera card. We'll see.
Catch ya'll later from South Amercia. Cheers!


Southern Girl said...

That is a beautiful quilt! Have a safe trip!

Rhonda said...

Have a wonderful trip!

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

May the Lord bless and keep you as you go. (Love the bags and the quilt!)

Alex (aka: Baseball Punk) said...

Nicaragua? Wow! You are awesome!
If you can please post pictures, if you can't please bring them to work with you.

Have a great trip!