Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Baby!

Much to my husbands dismay, I love babies, and I take every opportunity I can to snuggle, hold, babysit, or just admire them. As luck has it, my good friend, Nadene, had a baby just 6 weeks ago! This is little Mandalyn Faith, and she frequently gets hiccups.

How do I know this random fact about Mandalyn? I had the pleasure of holding her for a little while... and she sounded like a squeaky toy! Isn't she a doll?

She snoozed almost the entire time, but when it was time to get ready to leave, she let her mom know she didn't feel like going home. This girl has a set of healthy lungs!
Nadene - I've always got your back! ;-)


Patrice said...

Cristin, Such an anmirable and interesting story. I choose you! You also have some great writing/story telling abilities. You're amazing!!!!!!

Alex (aka: Baseball Punk) said...

You look like a natural, enough practicing, time for your own! :)

Happy weekend!
Emily W

HanamiGallery said...

cute baby! i always worry about dropping the baby when i am holding one!