Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Impromptu Quilt - phase 5

Four working days left until I need this quilt to be finished! To recap, I'm going on a missions trip to Nicaragua with my Church and we're having a cake and pie auction THIS SUNDAY to help raise money for supplies. Yes, I realize a quilt is kind of different than a cake or pie, but it last longer, and won't cost you any calories... I'll take a cozy quilt over cheesecake any day!

Tuesday night, after watching House (dvr'd) with Justin... I schlepped upstairs to do what I said I would... sew the binding! I rotary cut 7 strips of Amy Butler "Peony in Lime" fabric (it doesn't match - it GOES) to be 2.5" tall, selvage to selvage.

I sewed the strips together, mitered the ends together and all.... one LONG 294" strip.

Then the easy part - ironing it length wise! I'm now ready to sew it onto the quilt.... thats my task for tonight.... isn't it beautiful? Maybe I should keep the finished product for myself - it would look gorgeous in the living room strewn across my new leather couch! ;-)

By tomorrow morning you should see photos of an *almost* finished quilt! And a shout-out to my mom for cheering me on - thanks Mom!

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HanamiGallery said...

what beautiful fabric! Cant wait to see the quilt when its done!