Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Impromptu Quilt - phase 4

This past weekend I had ample time to work on quilting so that's what I did! Friday night I sprawled out on the kitchen floor once again and drew a block grid on the quilt with a blue water-soluble pencil. My trusty yard stick was my guide, although I'll be keeping an eye out for a more accurate stencil to follow next time. Saturday and Sunday I camped out in my sewing room (aka the spare bedroom) and quilted the top, which went fairly quick, I think. No major snafu's - and tonight I start the binding! My goal is to have the binding cut, sewn together, and attached to the quilt by the end of tonight. All after a full day at work, and a trip to the grocery store. Can I make it to the gym too? I doubt it.

Here's my sewing table (used to be our kitchen table! haha)

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OliveStreetStudio said...

This post sounds similar to my initial post, where I wonder if I can get more hours to my day! But you actually sewed after work, I reserve all mine for weekend time. Good for you! The fabric looks lovely!