Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Impromptu Quilt: phase 3 + Stippling: For Beginners

Tonight I finished basting my "Impromptu Quilt" and I'm pretty happy with the progress. Hazel was not happy I kept telling her "OUT" of the kitchen, so I gave in at the end and had her pose for a few shots. Focus - the quilt is the focal point! haha
For now I need to set it aside and get ready for our trip to Cali! We fly out bright and early 6:30am on Friday! This quilt will be finished by... next Sunday, Feb 22nd, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder! This is my church where the auction will be held... all $$ will go towards a missions trip in March.

Last night I practiced using my new darning foot for free-motion quilting. Its not easy, at least at first. I tried it with the feed dogs down as is usual in quilting... it did not look pretty. Then I remembered reading something about trying it WITH the feed dogs, and it instantly improved the consistency of my stitches. It helps me time how fast to move the fabric around, and gives a bit of a rhythm. Now, tonight I tried it on a 70x60" quilt I've been working on since, mmm, September... and it was completely different than on a small 24x20" sandwich. I'll need to practice stopping and starting (to adjust my hands) BUT I took a photo of my practicing... yes, I only use ugly fabric to practice with! I was even enthusiastic enough to try cursive... my initials, CW.

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Nice to "meet" you. Thanks you posting in the etsy forum.